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Moses Sena Kpetigo

Contact details:

Telephone: +4420 7427 6055
Mobile: +4479 540 28 743
Email: moses@mosesena.com or mosesena@gmail.com

Important information:
This is my personal and business contact.

Be Aware of Scams !!!

I am aware of scammers using my logo and details, pretending to be practitioners from MOSES SENA, Moses Sena Kpetigo and its network firms. I am also aware of certain high risk profile clients I have to deal with. It is a risk I had to constantly manage on a day-to-day basis.

Please contacts me if you are aware of or had been contacted by anyone purporting to be MOSES SENA, Moses Sena Kpetigo and its network firms and/or its practitioners by using my contact details on this website only.

Payroll Healthcheck

May 8, 2019
Why is a payroll healthcheck needed?
A payroll healthcheck is a review of an employer’s payroll and benefits in kind procedures to ensure that they are delivering the right results in terms of compliance with the tax authorities' rules on income tax and social security on employees’ pay, expenses and benefits. It is designed to min...
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COVID-19 Support

We’re here to help you through these challenging times.
The priority at this time is to reassure clients and to provide vital and useful information resources.