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Practitioner in business management, tax adviser and accountancy with over 25 years of work experience preparing and reporting of client management and financial accounts. Proven skills in defining entity direction, achieving targets and developing new businesses. Team-working and multi-tasking skills, developed over the years to successfully complete projects and assignments within time limits, efficiently and effectively.  Proficient in identifying and developing technologies in solving business problems including information technology (ICT) systems, social media and marketing. Software proficiency include cloud-based and non-cloud-based systems; tailor-made and off-the-shelf management, accounting and tax software systems.

Key Expertise

  • Strategically determine the long-term direction of entities, adopt courses of action, and allocate resources to carry out directional goals. These includes identifying and evaluating potential business and/or investment opportunities and the required finance options. 

  • Prepare and collect evidence for audits and forensics, including external scrutiny reporting and the interpretation of financial transactions and statements.

  • Prepare financial information for management including budgetary planning and control; payroll, cash management and treasury systems. These include preparing bookkeeping entries with or without the use of cloud-based software.

  • Evaluate and compute taxes including tax planning for individuals and entities. 

  • The use of Social Media, Mobile Connectivity, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing; and Internet of Things (SMACI) in our day to day activities; these includes internet connectivity, networking, web development and social media for communication. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is at the heart of operations

  • Applying professional judgement, sound values and ethical considerations including effective governance and risk awareness in all undertakings.

Contact details:

Telephone: +4420 7427 6055
Email: moses@mosesena.com or mosesena@gmail.com

Important information:
This is my personal and business contact.

Payroll Healthcheck

May 8, 2019
Why is a payroll healthcheck needed?
A payroll healthcheck is a review of an employer’s payroll and benefits in kind procedures to ensure that they are delivering the right results in terms of compliance with the tax authorities' rules on income tax and social security on employees’ pay, expenses and benefits. It is designed to min...
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Be Aware of Scams !!!

I am aware of scammers using my logo and details, pretending to be practitioners from MOSES SENA and its network firms. I am also aware of certain high risk profile clients I have to deal with. It is a risk I had to constantly manage on a day-to-day basis.

Please contacts me if you are aware of or had been contacted by anyone purporting to be MOSES SENA and its network firms and/or its practitioners by using my contact details on this website only.